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Date: 2020-03-10 Number of Visitors: 1449

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Small Classic Town – Luodong Township, Yilan County

Originally a forest filled with camphor trees, old banyans, and Formosa acacia, where large groups of monkeys inhabited the woods. In the language of Taiwanese plains indigenous peoples, the monkey is pronounced as “lao-dong”; as a result, Han Chinese people later borrowed this sound and named the place Luodong as we know it today. Luodong is not only Yilan’s most prosperous small town, it is also a place with historical and cultural significance, which simultaneously integrates cultures of the indigenous and the Han Chinese people. 


Starting Point of Xueshan Hiking Trail

The starting point of Xueshan Hiking Trail is located at a hilltop platform above Wuling Farm Campground. Service center for entrance to Xueshan Hiking Trail can be found at the site. Advanced permit application needs to be made in order to enter the Xueshan area. After obtaining permits for entrance into the mountain and the park, visitors need to have their IDs checked at the starting point service center before entering the mountain. The wooden viewing platform in front of the service center offers a vast view looking over Kyawan River Valley and Luoyehwei Mountain ridge, making the center also a key scenic spot in Wuling area. One thing to note is that the mountain roads leading up to the service center are fairly narrow, causing it difficult for cars to pass by one another through the traffic; therefore it is recommended that visitors would walk or take the park shuttle bus to the park.

Xueshan Hiking Trail

Xuedong Trail

Xuedong Trail is a ridge extended from the main peak of Xueshan horst towards the east. This short spur of Xueshan is behind the east peak and falls steep into the Kyawan River Valley. 

Xuedong Trail