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Salute to the Mountains – Mountain Cleanup Held at Mianyue Line

Date: 2020-11-13 Number of Visitors: 1064 Referece:

    With its magnificent sceneries, Mianyue Line has become over the recent years a popular hiking route. In order to protect the beautiful mountains and forests and to advocate the concept of “Leave No Trace”, Chiayi Forest District Office of the Forestry Bureau, Chiayi County Mountain Association, Bunun Hiking Team, forest volunteers, and other organizations and mountaineers – a total of more than 70 participants showed their efforts in protecting the forests and held mountain cleanup and “Leave No Trace” advocacy event at Mianyue Line. 


    Mianyue Line of Alishan Forest Railway, with its unique remains of the old-time railways and primeval natural forest physiognomy along the way, has its tunnels and railway bridges turned into hot photography spots. As large crowds of tourists enter the area, environmental pollution issues resulted. As a gesture to protect the forest, Chiayi Forest District Office and the mountaineers jointly made the vow to oblige to the codes of “Leave No Trace”.


    Participants in the mountain cleanup events were all enthusiastic in protecting the forest, picking up trash along the way, and collaboratively restoring the cleanness of the woods.


    Chiayi Forest District Office of the Forestry Bureau is calling for everyone’s conscience in protecting the beautiful forests. In response to the opening of the forests, tourists and hiking organizations shall follow the seven principles under “Leave No Trace” – which includes: “plan ahead and prepare”; consider participants’ capabilities; avoid hiking under inclement weather; while enjoying the splendid sights of the mountains and woods, tourists shall also “dispose of waste properly”, such as fruit peels and trash, and if they see any trash left behind, they shall also bring them down. Let’s all treasure our beautiful and precious forests.