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Discover a Higher Love – Kiwi Ultra Runner Ruth Croft’s Story in Taiwan Filmed by CNN

Date: 2020-12-11 Number of Visitors: 1154 Referece: Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau and CNN cooperated to jointly film the true story of Kiwi ultra-runner Ruth Croft, learned new things about herself as she discovered the stunning trails of Taiwan’s mountains. The 2-minute video, “Discover a Higher Love,” was launched in celebration of International Mountain Day.

Croft started her running career in high school and developed an early interest and aptitude for mountain running. After years of training and competitions, pressures caught up with her and the young talented athlete decided to re-locate to Taiwan in 2013. Shortly after moving to Taiwan, she joined a small running community and her love of trails was ignited.

“I didn’t speak the language. I didn’t know the culture. But I was only made to feel welcomed,” said Croft. “It gave me a sense of belonging.”

In the video, Croft introduces several of Taiwan’s thousands of beautiful trails – a full two-thirds of Taiwan’s is covered by mountains. She also visited some of Taiwan’s world-famous tea plantations and experienced the cultures of Taiwan’s Hakka and indigenous peoples.

“For me, escaping to nature is so important. Nowadays, with travel being more complicated, finding these escapes is more important than ever.” Croft said. She added “I can’t wait to go back to Taiwan and be on those landscapes.”