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Trimmed Trees. Five-Senses Experience. Come for a Year-End Therapeutic Trip at Dongyanshan Forest.

Date: 2020-11-23 Number of Visitors: 1043 Referece:

    As 2020 comes to an end, let us walk into the forest, immerse ourselves in the woods and the arranged woodland, open our hearts, and take in what the forest will offer us to better our body, mind, and soul. Forestry Bureau has authorized Taiwan Forest Therapy Society to conduct two sessions of one-day forest therapy experience classes at Dongyanshan Forest Recreation Area on December 3rd and 4th, 2020. Come follow us as we enter the towering forest, wander amongst the beautiful Japanese cedar woods embraced by flowing clouds and mists!


    Forest is like a health-enhancing machine, which is enriched with oxygen, phytoncide, and negative ions, which have the benefits of preventing diseases and maintenance of overall good health. According to results from monitored surveys, density of negative ions within the forest is more than three times higher than that found in the metropolitan areas; and the various biological activities of phytoncide can also improve human bodies’ immunity and balance body and mind. Furthermore, woods can also directly capture the particulate matters in the air, which would keep PM2.5 value in the forest low and allow for great air quality. In the past, various studies have also shown that while being in the forest, not only would the activity of human bodies’ parasympathetic nerve be enhanced so to help with balance of autonomic nerve and bring forth a stress-relieving effect, activity and quantity of human bodies’ natural killer cells can also be increased, so that body’s overall immunity can be strengthened. As a result, the Forestry Bureau has been actively promoting forest therapies at all national forest recreation areas, and Dongyanshan Forest Recreation Area is exactly one of the demonstration venues for forest therapy.


    Dongyanshan Forest Recreation Area possesses flourishing forests with neatly arranged and elegant woods, which are mainly Japanese cedar and man-made cedar forests. Walking amidst the woods, visitors would not only find the man-made forest more organized than the natural forests, they would also see traces of rows after rows of artificial cultivation. At the entrance of Dongman Trail, there lies a memorial rock for the forestation, offering witness of Taiwan’s forestry history. In addition, trace fossils found inside the Forest Recreation Area, which are remains from 30 million years ago, are even more so an extremely rare geological sight. Ecosystem at Dongyanshan is also exceedingly diverse with approximately 43 kinds of mountain birds and countless kinds of mammals – even the Formosan white-headed flying squirrels, which usually can only be found at mid-to-high altitudes, are also spotted here. And the most unique sight of all might be the numerous Formosan hares that are living here – don’t forget to look for them near your feet as you wander amidst the woods! For people who wish to challenge themselves, they are encouraged to climb up Dongyanshan at an elevation 1,212m, where they would be able to look over the magnificent scenes from Taoyuan and all the way to Greater Taipei area.