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Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s Promotional Videos “Taiwan – The Perfect Solo Travel Destination for Culture & Small Towns” Honored with “Asia – Overall Destination-Cultural Arts” Magellan Gold Award

Date: 2020-11-25 Number of Visitors: 1070 Referece: Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan

The 368 townships in Taiwan each boasts its own character. Taiwan Tourism Bureau has been dedicated to promoting ecotourism since 2017 and its effort is widely recognized by international travel media. The Bureau collaborated with Black Buddha, an U.S. based production company, to create “Taiwan – The Perfect Solo Travel Destination for Culture & Small Towns” promotional videos. It is announced on the 16th that the series is honored with the “Asia – Overall Destination-Cultural Arts” Gold Magellan Awards. Winning consecutive silver awards in 2018 and 2019 in the categories of “Asia - Adventure Destination” and “Asia - Overall Destinations-Eco-Friendly "Green" Destination,” this is the Bureau’s first Gold award promoting Taiwan’s arts & culture.

Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s Los Angeles office has been operating in the U.S. travel market for a very long time. Director Brad Shih said, “With the global pandemic that is yet to be tamed, the travel habits of the U.S. market has evolved to focus on small group travels with social distancing top of mind and this will be the future travel trend going forward. The promotional videos were created toward the end of 2019 targeting the millennial and Gen Z. They are based on their travel habits; solo female travelers are featured to highlight Taiwan’s safe environment. We utilize the marketing concept of promoting in-depth and local culture as a way to connect with global travelers. Taiwan’s ceramic capital Yingge and Sanxia districts are the focal destinations in the story telling of local industries and characteristics to strengthen Taiwan’s image as a cultural and ecotourism destination.”

Director General Louis M. Huang of TECO in Los Angeles shared that “Taiwan is a democratic nation that advocates civil rights for all regardless of race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion or other characteristics. It is the first country in Asia to legalize same sex marriage, showcasing true equality toward the world that progressive values can take root in an East Asian society. For solo, female, and transit travelers, Taiwan is an ideal destination that is very safe and friendly.”

Director-General Shi-Chung Chang of Taiwan Tourism Bureau also expressed that with international travel being affected at the moment, he believes most consumers are hoping that border restrictions will be lifted in the near future. The Bureau foresees that Taiwan will be a top international travel destination once its border opens up, given the remarkable result of pandemic prevention and control on the ground; meanwhile, the country will continue to prepare for the return of international travelers and sharing inspiring promotional videos of Taiwan.

Black Buddha is a production company founded by a second generation Taiwanese American. The video’s unique filming and editing are praised by the U.S. general market as well as different tourism bureaus including New York Times, CNN Travel, National Geographic, Los Angeles Times, TripAdvisor, Hawaii Tourism Authority and Hong Kong Tourism Board, etc.

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